Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Power of Planning

I apologize for taking a bit of a break from blogging. Everbody needs to drop the unnecessary things some time just to get a bit of clarity. I'm not one of those guys who feels that he has alot to say. It's what kept me from blogging for a long time. I thought, "Why would anybody want to know what I have to say anyway?" But I've come to realize that it is important to share what is on my heart from time to time for my sake and for yours...but I digress.

What has been on my heart is an upcoming excursion with my wonderful wife, Chrissy. This upcoming Monday we fly out West for a long awaited trip in honor of our 10th wedding anniversary in August. We will fly...without our 3 children (a special thanks goes out to Papa and Nana Duncan for that detail) Las Vegas and then on to the Grand Canyon for a few days. We plan on hiking to the bottom of the canyon, spend the night in a lodge there, and hike out the next day. Both she and I have been preparing for this trip for a long time. To be honest, it's one of the reasons I started on my weight loss journey last year. I have spent countless hours on the internet pouring over the details of this trip: from planning our accomodations, to buying hiking equipment, to figuring out our routes. I've also spent countless hours getting ready physically through running and getting used to being out in the heat. It's almost surreal that the time is now here to strike out on this great adventure!

As the time for this trip draws near I know that all of the planning and attention to detail will make the time we share special. Planning is an art that I have learned to appreciate over the recent years. Before, I was one who enjoyed the thrill of doing things "off the cuff." Spontaneity was my preferred M.O. I was the sick0 college student who intentionally waited to write the entire research paper until the night before it was due. It was the thrill of the deadline and the all-nighter buzz that drove me. Now, that kind of mentality drives me crazy. Planning eliminates the potential for problems to arise, which can derail the when I accendentally erased the all nighter paper in the middle of the night and had to start all over again. Planning and details do matter. This week I am preaching on the importance of excellence in the things we attempt for God through the church. When we plan ahead and carry out those plans with excellence we are telling the world that what we are doing matters to us. On the opposite hand, what does it say when we do things for Jesus halfway? I've come to realize that HOW I do things matters just as much as WHAT I do for Jesus. If I can spend so much energy on a measley trip for myself, then surely I can focus that kind of extra attention on things for the Lord. Let's all aim to do things excellently, well-planned, and in advance so we can do our best for our main audience--Christ!

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